Jacobo Fajardo - Antonia Jacinto Family

Dr. Jacobo Fajardo's  lineage can be traced to Justino Fajardo and Andrea Puno.

Justino Fajardo was a cabeza de barangay of Bacolor and the son of Fr. Pedro Anselmo Jorge Fajardo.

1. Pedro Anselmo Jorge Fajardo was the second Filipino priest delegate to the Spanish Cortez of 1822 - the law making body of Spain. Fr. Fajardo is known as the Father of Pampanga Literature and wrote the longest Filipino comedy play entitled "Comedia Heroica de la Conquistada de Granada o Sea Vida de Don Gonzalo de Cordova llamado el Gran Capitan" which was written in elegant Kapampangan comprising 832 pages in three volumes. The epic was staged for seven consecutive nights in February 1831 in Bacolor, the first and only time it was performed.

1.1 Justino Fajardo married Andrea Puno and they had five offsprings namely:

1.1.1 Praxedes Fajardo (July 21, 1874 - August 10, 1928)
1.1.2. Jacobo Fajardo (Jul 25, 1876 - Jul 23, 1941) married to Antonia Jacinto
1.1.3. Florencia Fajardo married to Eduardo Gutierrez-David
1.1.4 Anselmo Fajardo
1.1.5 Arsenio Fajardo

Praxedes P. Fajardo

Praxedes P. Fajardo was a Pampanguena Patriot who headed the Philippine Red Cross in Pampanga during the Philippine Revolution against Spain until the time of the Philippine War against the Americans. She studied at the La Consolacion Convent in Manila and was responsible for organizing the women to collect food, clothing and medical supplies for the benefit of the families of the soldiers killed and wounded during the war. Praxedes together with Nicolasa Dayrit Panlilio was able to prevent a bloody confrontation between Antonio Luna and Tomas Mascardo (two revolutionary generals) by kneeling and begging to Luna not to proceed his plan of arresting the latter for his alleged insubordination.

Born out of the union of Jacobo Fajardo and Antonia Jacinto were: Abelardo Fajardo married to Paz Perez Angelina Fajardo married to Francisco Tongoy Lopez Demetrio Fajardo married to Encarnacion Goco Pacita Fajardo married to Edgardo Villavicencio Corazon Fajardo married to Antonio del Castillo

Born out of the union of Abelardo Fajardo and Paz Perez were: Cristina Fajardo married to an Ocampo Armando Fajardo married to a Carmona

Born out of the union of Angelina Fajardo and Francisco Lopez were: Asuncion "Sony" Lopez married to a Gonzalez Arturo "Macky" Lopez married to Amy Gustilo Teresita "Titchy" Lopez married to a Marquez-Lim

Born out of the union of Demetrio Fajardo and Encarnacion Goco were: Lourdes "Luding" Fajardo married to Arturo Nerit Jacobo Fajardo Leticia "Lety" Fajardo married to Rody Nicolas Consuelo Fajardo Caesar Fajardo married Magdalena Abad Jaime Fajardo married Lily Marquez Augusto Fajardo married Chit Bengson

Born out of the union of Corazon "Chong" Fajardo and Antonio del Castillo were: Cielo del Castillo married to Robbie Esquivel Rolando "Dondon" del Castillo Christy del Castillo married to Ricardo "Dong" Puno Gil del Castillo married to Evangeline Samson Cynthia del Castillo married to Neil Corso, Jr.

Click here for the Family Chart of Jacobo Fajardo and Antonia Jacinto.


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Hi! This is so cool. These are my direct relatives!



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Hello. I would like to ask if Jacobo Fajardo had a son who died sometime in 1944 while with Marking's Guerillas? I read about this in Yay Panlilio's "Crucible". I hope that you can help me with this.

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Lifted from another website.But I am not sure if this is the Jacobo Fajardo you are talking about.
1.1.2b.1 Francisco Fajardo, single and a soldier who died during World War II.

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